Asset Management

agilent partner logoPCI's Asset Management Services can manage the entire lifecycle for your R&D, manufacturing, facilities, and process-related assets.  PCI offers full customization and we cater to your specific asset compliance needs.

Why PCI Asset Management Services?

  • A single provider to work with for all assets
  • One point of contact for all service needs
  • One Purchase Order, One Invoice
  • Online accessible data for all assets
  • Save valuable time and cost of internal resources who no longer need to be concerned with contacting individual vendors, negotiating contracts, escorting vendors, etc.

PCI Asset Management Services include:

  • Accurate asset inventory records
  • Manage instrument services
  • Quality management of OEM and 3rd party vendors
  • Cost-savings improve with longer contracts
  • PCI's knowledgeable technicians will recommend instrument utilization/purchasing based on historical service/instrument cycle counts.
  • Calibration Metrics

What else can PCI's Asset Management program do?

  • Instrument Deployment, Relocation, and Disposition Services
  • Lab consumable maintenance/glassware washing
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Daily maintenance
  • Annual coordinated safety inspections for safety-related assets
  • Real-time monitoring of lab assets (Temp, Oxygen, CO2, etc.)
  • Application/Method Development support
  • Documentation of Cost/Time savings events
  • Leverage all of PCI’s service capabilities (Metrology, Process, Consulting, etc.)


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