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Technical Project Management

At PCI we take our clients' goals very seriously. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

Our focus is to assist our clients with the management of technical projects common in the Biotech, Pharma and Diagnostic Industries. We strive to combine both technical expertise and project management principles to facilitate smooth successful projects. We can assist clients that require additional staff or expertise in managing complex projects such as shut-downs, facility start-ups and others.

To minimize or eliminate the issues often encountered when companies undertake critical facility start-up /commissioning or other kinds of projects during the lifecycle of a drug/biological product, we strive to ensure across the board understanding and definition of projects steps, deliverables, schedules and roles/responsibilities so that issues during hands-offs are reduced.

At PCI we believe that creating a program that ensures information is generated in a manner that can be used by all disciplines increases the quality of the output while reducing the overall project time and cost to meet its requirements. This is based on the assumption that extensive costs to a project/program are attributed to: 

  • Redundancy of effort
  • Learning curves at each of the handover points
  • Changes to the standards at each handover point

A program developed by PCI will minimize these items while maximizing the program throughput and quality.

Our Technical Project Managers have a minimum of 10 years of experience and have had formal training in project management. We focus on the implementation of effective strategies while maintaining flexibility and adaptability. Our consultants' tool kit includes techniques derived from sound engineering and project management principles.

We specialize in the following project types:

  • Facility start-up
  • Commissioning and qualification
  • Validation
  • Technology transfers
  • Manufacturing campaign start-ups

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